Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Summer holiday is here

Yeah! cleared my last exam at 9:30pm today..You may wonder why the hell there is such late exam. Yes, all graduate exams are scheduled in the late evening cuz most of the working adults couldn't come in day time.

Alright, is holiday right after exams? I would rather not assume this way.I guess i will have tons of things to do in this summer holiday so called. Sadly, i have to redeposit my mileage by canceling my Northwest ticket back home in late May..I really wish i could go back..but i will be super busy around this guess no choice but cancelling it...I will list all the things i should accomplish by this summer holiday also make it as a reminder.

1. Finish the final template design for new localstreets site and put it into production. some new projects at Localstreets
2. Settle the translation for wiredmedia email application.
3. Finalise my research topic with Jack..This mustn't be delayed!
4. Discuss with OLB about the Hawaii conference paper..This also mustn't be delayed!
5. Sumbit my second TA application.(Yes, this is my 2nd time. They withdrew the offer last year)
6. Looking for a new apartment since the current one is a bit expensive.
7. Welcoming my vios! Yes, I really hope i can start driving it in late June or early July!
8. Attending NUS 100 years birthday.
9. My undergraduate graduation ceremony
10. Mother is coming to visit me.


At 8:32 AM, Blogger S said...

driving? are you going to buy a car? cool! can I have free rides. =P

also, what is it about NUS 100 year birthday thing? sounds interesting. I also wanna join. (zhu)

At 4:02 PM, Blogger Ronaldong said...

hey, zhu. i guess you are the only one reading my blog cuz i yet made it public. yes, free rides for you is guaranteed. I did not manage to get the ticket for NUS 100 year celebration. So guess i won't go.

At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, I also read your blog quite frequently. Anyway, try to write more on your blog, about your life goal, your parents, your gf... looks that your whole life in July is dominated by the death of Huang Dou. Try to always looks ahead. Make a guess who am i?


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