Monday, March 21, 2005

What on earth happend to Real Madrid?

After staying up so late to catch up the game between Real Madrid and Malaga, disappointing could be the only word to describe their performance..The victory is indeed not convincing enough. Ronaldo again was not in the mood of the game at all. I think he had some troubles when exiting the match after substituted 5 minutes before the match ended.Figo, Guti were all playing well awfully...anyways, I don't feel like recalling the game. The whole team is having a giving up spirit. But I am glad to see Beckham, Raul, Zidane were still trying best to run after the ball and also idiot Bravo finally remained on the bench..I absolutely don't get it why Luxenborgo placed him on the starting line facing Juventusa..It was just a suiside decision...In fact, I don't want to see him wearing white no more.

Alright, enough for soccer...what's going on in coming week?a killing me week..2 projects are due by this week, 1 assignment due on wed and one midterm which is just as important as a final will be on next monday.. indeed, a busy week ahead.


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