Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Busy weeks

Well, I haven't been here for quite some time...just feel like writing something at my new cubicle at IS research lab! yes, I felt very content to be given this cubicle inside one of the IS research lab on the 6th floor.The most exciting thing is i was given a new DELL PC to use at this lab! everything is great!i seems have to work harder then.

anyway, have been a busy and messy week in the past..So let me sort of what has happened...
last monday: CS5257 mid-term exam, it takes 45% of the whole course grade. so it is equivelant to a final!i did not do it very badly.
last tuesday: nothing much, got up late as usual and attended project presentation on CS5268 which was totally boring.
last wednesday: wednesday is always good cuz there is always a soccer game going on..
last thursday: I was late for work at George's cuz i was catching a 2006 World Cup qualifier betwen Uraguy and Brazil...Ronaldo was disappointing again..anyway, dont want to talk about it at the moment.
Last friday: nothing much, went to Geroge's place in the afternoon and played football after work
Saturday: Dont remeber i did anything on saturday, oh yes, i was resting at home and got injured by a soccer game on friday.
Sunday: First time meeting up with some guys from Getzclub. we had a friendly match with some other team at a Camp! first time into a camp which is named maju camp..not very big but to my surprise there are very few soilders around...wondering what they will do if any emergency takes place...anyway, we lost the game at a very huge score..

alright, i guess April should be a better month since all the modules are ending..goal for this month?i have listed the followings
1. review for CS5268
2. review for CS6302
3. Finishing CS6302 term project
4. Finalising research topic with Jack
5. maybe buy a car?

see how it goes...


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