Monday, March 21, 2005

Indeed, he is not welcome in Madrid and Milano

Ronaldo, who used to be the greatest player, graduated lost his starlight in the middle of confusion last night...just checked with online news, Ronnie indeed had troubles with the fans in Satiago Banabeu..He was reported throwing a plastic bottle to the fans...the reason being is that he was insulted by the fan when entering the exit channel. He told the media that even his mother was insulted by the rude fans at that moment. Whatever happened, i guess Ronnie was having a terrible moment recently...Never scored the second goal after marriage dated a month ago...not in mood of match, too much out-of-pitch involvment...Everything started to act against him..He should at least score more to bring back the fans and confidence.

Spanish fans especially Madrid fans are the most horrible on the earth...i think they normally deem themselves to be the ones who are invited to support the team..No. 1 horriable attitude i have ever seen comparing to Bundesliga, EPL or even league at home...

Well, in the meanwhile, fans in Milan lifted up the banner saying Ronaldo is not welcome even visiting Milano last night..too bad for Ronnie and let's see what will happen.


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just come to make some noise!


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