Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tired Today

I felt just unreasonably tired today after the whole day work at George's. ..did not manage to score a single goal on the weekly soccer match at creative...You know what, i had lots of fun playing soccer here since last winter..scored many goals every single match and we had a steady team as well..but today..I even could not breathe properly...Anyways, seems my blogs are full of soccer, haha...indeed, this is what my life is all about this week...too much soccer and tons of worldcup qualifiers coming weekend...hoho, must catch!

alright, let's talk about something else..Thursdays, as usual, I spent the whole day at fact, we are doing pretty fine recently..more and more orders and also enhanced the technology and hardware...however, we still try hard to crack Google which seems become the king in the whole Internet...well, sometimes not a wise idea to be too dependent on Google,but other SE seems to pick us up too...Not bad, Not bad..anyways, needs more work and improvment on the company...that is why i am going there on thursdays to help, haha...hope I can contribute a bit.

Okay,3 days holiday ahead including a Good Friday...But seems not the real time to relax...ERP mid-term is scheduled on got to do some preparation...It wont be too bad since still got good matches to catch in the weekend, yeah!

Just noticed that US dollar is up, good good..


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