Friday, October 07, 2005

Singapore Motorist

have collected lots of ideas, comments on Singapore's road..Finally feel like putting them down here.personally, Singapore has a nice road system (it may be much better than the road in Hometown). most of time, the road condition is nice except the rush hours (usually 7 or 8 in the morning, or 6-8 in the evening).Expressway is well organized and road signs are pretty accurate...But but, the motorists could not add any light on the nice road system Singapore has. Of course, to own a car in Singapore is not as cheap as any other countries in the world..But that will be another issue..So How well or bad Singaporean motorists are doing on the road..I have come out with the list below to describe Singaporean motorists (largely applied of course with exceptions)
1)the strong ego drives most young singaporen drivers to make their rides different from others (performance, outlook,etc)

2)Horrible driving habbit such as flooring the accelerator and cutting into someone else's lane to just arrive first at the trafiic light and screech to a stop (totally idiot action)

3)Taxi drivers are born to be the road bastard.They are awful!trust me,if you are a tourist or the one who take a taxi in S'pore, you will love them immensely. But not in the case of other drivers on the road (at least to me).One of my friend told me her car was hit by taxi on expressway several times and i can assure you this is absolutely possible to happen.

4)motorbikes are the next horrible species on Singapore's road.They could run in,out, to front, behind anywhere around you..i gave them the name roadhoppers..totally absurd.!i guess the gov here should build a special lane for the hoppers to let them play the fun game themselves not with other car drivers..

To be continuesd