Friday, December 30, 2005

Korean adventure -- SPA

well,Korean spa has lots of similarities with ones in hometown. But the difference is people could spend their night at SPA sleeping, watching TV, surfing the Internet.I would say most people will choose to sleep in the night at SPA in Korea.You wouldn't believe until you see how amazing people here sleep.They just lie on the floor or some pre-set up Korean style buddy sangseok and another nice friend came to this SPAREX in Incheon around 12 mid-night, guess what.It was full of people inside: men, women, old people, kids...Some of them are really prepared like bringing in their blanket (but you dun really need one cuz it is so warm inside thanks to the Korean heating system under the floor.We didn't really do much at the SPA but taking showers and trying out all kinds of jacuzzi pools, steam rooms, sauna rooms. We surfed the Internet for a while and then went to eat Korean Ramen for supper. Then, it was the time to find a so called bed..Literally,we wanted just a piece of space where we can lie and take a nap..But it was so hard because there are people everywhere. Sangseok (my buddy) kept saying sorry for not being able to find a nicer place for me to sleep, but of course i dun feel anything cuz it was a fun expereince in here, Incheon. anyway, If you happen to be here one day, try it out, it was fun.


At 9:14 AM, Anonymous The Little Dot said...

This is really something i never heard of. Even the koreans in my hometown don't do this although guys generally like spa and massage service (?). I bet u r super tired now. Nice experience, more to come ok?

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