Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I can't help of missing him

I still could remeber the day when I brought him to my home.It was december 12th, 2 weeks before christmas..I found him when my girlfriend and I walked pass a small garden downstairs..He was abondoned in a box.I remembered that was the first time for both my girlfriend and I to see such a small and cute kitten with just a hand size.We both felt so sorry for him and brought him to our home without too much doubts..I had a bigger cat at home.

I was a bit unsure if i should feed him milk or kitten foor at that moment. I called Richard and his mother who are the cat experts in the neighbourhood. Surprisingly, huangdou was able to eat kitten food. From that day onwards, my girlfriend and I became the owner of two cats. How lovely those days were. Initially, the bigger cat was always teasing huangdou because of course he came to my place earlier. As time went by, they both grew and seems became good buddies. I can still recall the time when they were playing together after meals, chasing each other wildly all over the places at home. Oh yes, whenever i sneeze, huangdou always made a sheep like sound and walked away quickly..I used to laugh at him about that.well,there are too much good memories we were together..

However,same as most pet owners, i did beat him up sometimes too when he damaged stuff or made too much noises.Because of that, I think I felt greatly regreted now. phew...well, it is all over, sorrow could not make up anything...and i could do nothing but leaving the six months with him into my good memory. I believe my girlfriend and I will both miss him and miss him forever..deeply wish him rest in peace...huangdou, we both love you!