Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wholly disturbing

Maybe I deserve a bad luck once in a while.I was teaching ting driving at this carpark (A free car park)tonight.It seemed ting has improved her driving ever since she attended several lessons at BBDC..I let her drive around on the carpark.It was about 15 minutes or so, We decided to leave. All of sudden,an indian guy on a bycicle stopped my car at the exit of the carpark demanding to take a photo of my car.I was shocked. It was dark and i could hardly recognize he is one a of security guard from a nearby apartments. I stepped out the car and tried to stop him shooting my ride..To my surprise, he insisted to take photo without explaining me what the heck was going on.. Finally, it turned out that he or his management thought this was the 2nd time I am driving around on this carpark. He then told me all the stories like some time ago, you came here to race on the carpark and we had some case or stolen valuables from cars etc..for the sake of sun rising from the east every morning on earth, He believes that I was the one who did all above hence taking record of my innocent Toyota for reporting to his boss. In fact, I never cares so much about the carpark in Singapore (maybe it's my fault)..according to him, car park are not allowed for car teaching..Well, I would't argue too much anyway cuz they are the security guard and it's their sole rights to put up any rules..But the funny thing is he belongs to a security guard team of a nearby apartment merely. I understand this carpark belongs to some other security managment..Anyway, i don't feel like commenting on which security group he is from. I feel it was totally unnecessary..I would tell you there are only a few cars parking there on the considerably big area on the carpark..I wouldn't see anything wrong to drive several round on this carpark and it was only for a short while..

Afterwards, I felt that the inflexibility of Singapore sociecty. Truly understand, to use a single and trvial case like this to generalise the Inflexibility identiy sounds like lack of external validity largely. But case like this would really make your day end with terriable disturbance afterwards..Ting told me to forget it..well, that is what her character is: forget those worthless tinies..Maybe she's right.


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At 8:36 AM, Blogger Ronaldong said...

seems lots of advertiser are misusing online blogs..But seems no way to stop them..hope Google can provide a delete function in comments part?


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