Monday, September 26, 2005

The return of Ronaldo

You may wonder where the hell i was at during the whole month of august and september. Well, no writing here might be also due to the holiday season of La Liga. Anyway, after watching the 4th game of Real Madrid this new season, I can't help writing something into this football blog. It was Real Madrid VS ALAVÉS. If I remembered clearly, Barca in fact lost points in this stadium several weeks ago.But Real this time taught a practical lesson to ALAVÉS.It was a convincing win. It is also the second consecutive victory for Real Madrid in barely four days, this time on the always difficult pitch of Alavés. Ronaldo was once again the hero and was decisive with two goals which broke a match that Guti took on the job of finishing off, and in which they got the three points which serve to put them back on course in the League and gain confidence before the coming Wednesday Champions match.

Well, life is going ok with me. Teaching job is okay, neither exciting nor tiring. Research seems doing okay except I still owe Jack a comprehensive literature review. My dear vios has been clocked almost 3km and I did wash him regularly these days. Anyways, as time goes by.